Leading Security Fencing Manufacturer

Apart from our signature, Vista-Mesh mesh fence panels, Sharp Metal Pressings manufactures a comprehensive range of security fencing products

Our Products


Our wire mesh fence panels are available in various configurations and colours. A superb product that enhances the aesthetics of any property, Vista-Mesh is affordable and secure.

Razor Spikes

We manufacture spikes for most fence types, brick walls and prefab concrete.


Apart from the fence panels and structural elements, we also manufacture all the fixtures and fittings like spider clamps

Company Bio

Founded in 1996, Sharp Metal Pressings started out with a small factory manufacturing fencing spikes and related small parts.  With the successful delivery of these products to clients around the country we recognized the need for quality local production of several related steel fabricated products. We developed our own steel palisade product early in our history which was hugely successful and lead to the further expansion into security related fencing products.

The SMP Difference

Fast Turnaround

We offer one of the quickest turnaround times in the industry. We cut the red tape, find the correct solution, and get the job done!

Corrosion Protection

Apart from Hot dip galvanized products, we also boast our own Plascoat plastic coating plant, which provides superior corrosion protection for metal products located in highly corrosive areas.

Custom Solutions

No matter what your requirements, we will design and fabricate the product to suit your application.

Logicists & Delivery

From simple delivery to site to more complex logistics to suit a challenging installation schedule, we will ensure you have the support you need to get the project completed on time.

Expert Advice

Let our team of professionals find the right solution for your property’s boundary protection requirements. 

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