Vista-Mesh Security Fencing is manufactured by Sharp Metal Pressings.

Vista-Mesh Warranty

Vista-Mesh Security Fencing is manufactured by Sharp Metal Pressings Sharp Metal Pressings warrants Vista-Mesh Fencing to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of
10 years from invoice date. Sharp Metal Pressings will repair or replace the defective product. The
warranty is restricted to the fencing supplied, and not indirect costs arising from failure of the product.

Operation of Warranty.

  • The warranty must be registered with Sharp Metal Pressings.
  • A Site inspection is done within 14
    working days of installation.
  • Claims must be registered as soon as defects are apparent.
  • Preventative maintenance must be done, rinsing off with fresh water to neutralize salt or chemical buildup.
  • Maintenance schedule to be kept by the customer.

Exclusions and exceptions.

Damages arising from transport by other parties other than manufacturer. Failure to report such
damages after transport by manufacturer. Improper installation and damages arising from installation. Panels and posts cut on site will be excluded. Damages to the coating by brush cutters
etc. Installation in especially harsh environments, such as chemical or acidic conditions. Damage caused by wind and wind-driven sand. Superficial surface rust, white rust or colour fading over time.
Superficial coating imperfections and underlying material blemishes.


Defective components be replaced on a pro-rata basis equivalent to the time remaining on warranty.

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