Security Spikes

Spikes For Any
Wall Or Fence

We manufacture fence spikes out of quality South African steel that is tough, easy to install, and versatile.

We also supply our spikes with different finishes or colours, depending on your needs.

Our  fence spikes come with pre‐punched holes for easy installation: The spikes can be fixed to the panels using a bolt and nut with a backing plate or pop rivets with large washers.

Spikes can be fitted to the tops of rigid mesh panels, either the front or above depending on the type of spike and mesh type/brand

They can also be used on walls, poles, crossbars, gates and trees.

Fencing Spikes are rated as one of the most effective anti-climb wall solutions available on the market.

Ours are available either Hot Dip Galvanized or Plastic coated in Black, Green or Grey for maximum corrosion protection.

Spike Variations

Spear Spike

Imperial Spike

Vista Spike

Precast Imperial Spike

Tiger Spike

7612 Vista-Mesh Clear view anti-climb fence with Sabre Spike

Sabre Spike

Installation Examples

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