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Sharp Metal Pressings was established in 1996, with an initial focus on producing razor spikes for security fencing from a small factory. The successful delivery of these products to clients across the country led to the development of other steel-fabricated products, including the company’s own steel palisade product.

Building on this early success, the company expanded its product range to include security fencing products such as permanent fencing, temporary “event” fencing, and crowd control barriers.

Recently, the company introduced the Vista-Mesh product, which is a welded mesh fence product that offers excellent access control, is highly cost-effective, and is also visually appealing.

While SMP does not provide installation services, it supplies high-quality fencing products to trusted installers across the country. This ensures a non-competitive relationship with its customers, who are experienced and reliable experts in their field.


We have a fully equipped tool room to produce and maintain our own press tools and jigs. The machinery and equipment include EDM wire cutters, milling machines, surface grinders, and hardening facilities. 

Vista-Mesh Factory

Our Automated Mesh welder is a product of Clifford Engineering who are the leaders in Automated welding technology.

Plastic Coating Plant

Our plastic coating plant is a fully automated plastic dipping line. We use only the best Plascoat plastic powder imported from Holland.

Steel Press Factory

We have 40 eccentric presses, 7 roll formers, guillotines, croppers, cnc press breaks and hydraulic pipe benders which are used in the manufacture of razor spikes, fence brackets, spider clamps, post caps, baseplates, and similar products.

Custom Weld Shop

Our Weld shop is able to fabricate custom-designed gates, posts, hinges, brackets, and related steel products. We fabricate anything from small fixture items to large industrial property roller gates.

Our Vision

To offer the best available products while remaining flexible and accommodating to the specific needs of our customers.

Our Mission

To remain innovative and competitive, promote fair practice to our suppliers, and support our employees while delivering profitable results to our shareholders

Trusted Security Fencing

We have decades of experience and thousands of kilometers of supplied fencing solutions to private residences, corporate offices, shopping centers, and industrial warehouses to our credit. We will find the right solution for your property. 

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